The Brace Center - Orthopedic & Sports Bracing
Our Services
Soft and Rigid Collars
Cervical Thoracic Orthoses
Non-Invasive HALO
Elastic Lumbar Supports
Abdominal and Rib Supports
Posture Supports
Lumbar Corsets
CASH & Jewett Hyperextension Orthoses
Chairback Braces
Custom Spinal Orthoses
Upper Extremity:
Resting Hand Splints
Finger Splints
Wrist Splints and Supports
Thumb Spica Splints
Focus Rigidity Casts
Finger Splints
Boxer Splints
Elbow Sleeves and Supports
Range of Motion Elbow Braces
Tennis Elbow Supports
Clavicle Splints
Arm Slings and Shoulder Immobilizers
Fracture and Custom Bracing
Hip Abduction Braces
Thigh and Calf Supports
Shin Splint Supports
Fracture Bracing
Neoprene and Elastic Knee Supports
Hinged Knee Braces
Patella Stabilizing Braces
Ligament Instability and Unloading Knee Braces
Knee Immobilizers
Post-op & Range of Motion Knee Braces
Foot and Ankle:
Functional Off-the-Shelf Foot Orthotics
Custom Foot Orthotics
Heel Lifts
Custom Shoe Lifts
Walking Boots
Night Splints
Post-op and Fracture Shoes
Ankle Braces and Splints
Toe-Off/Spiral AFO
Arizona AFO's
Richie AFO's
Custom and Off-the-Shelf AFO's
Offloading & Pressure Relief Shoes
WalkAide System
Pain Relief:
Orthogel Cold Therapy Pain Relief

All items are custom fitted to patient satisfaction.  
We accommodate pediatric to 
large adult sizes.

The Brace Center is an authorized provider for the WalkAide System
for foot drop patients.

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